Art And Craft

Fashion Jewellery

Designed handcrafted fashion jewellery (necklace, bracelet, earring & anklet) using gemstones & metal craft.


An Indian philosophy-based, symbolic painting made for home décor that depicts peace & tranquility via the Buddha’s calm face, whilst the peacock surrounding it symbolizes beauty & prosperity. This painting brings together the forces of Siva & Shakti in the form of Buddha & the peacock respectively – whilst Siva is the enlivening energy with the 1000-petalled lotus chakra in bloom around it, Shakti manifests through her power of Maya creating the external world of illusion.
An Indian scriptures-based, symbolic painting made for home décor that depicts the Indian Gods, Radha & Krishna. By playing His rhythmic flute, Krishna brings to life the elements of nature, symbolizing that His omnipresence & divine melody flows across all worldly creatures via these elements of life.
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